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Advantages of Using Waterproof PVC Shower Panels



Tiles age and show their age even though we have used them in our bathrooms for years. Now people have come to like a more modern and seamless look which is costly but one that cannot be offered by high-end shower tiles. The current climate in our bathroom is one where there is an outdated look because of the tiles because after many years of use they lose their gleam. Although ceramic tiles look waterproof, this is achieved through the grouting. As time goes by the grout becomes discolored and becomes black with mildew and mold. They also crumble and deteriorate and exposed the hidden fragile under the bathroom tile. Water starts to seep in, and unsightly cracks start to show. PVC, unlike tiles, have waterproof bathroom panels with a surface that not permeable and one that will not be affected by water. PVC shower panels are made to seamlessly fit such that not even a drop can sip in the space between the shower panels at https://www.floorstowalls.co.uk.



Installing shower panels at www.floorstowalls.co.uk are easily installed with simple tools found in the house. PVC is flexible hence easy to cut into desired sizes. You can further add them over the already installed tiles and also to cover up any tiles plagues. There is zero maintenance with PVC shower panels, and all that is needed is a wipe giving the same look as they did when they were first installed. The grout on tiles is home for fungi and mildew, and in PVC there is no room for accumulation of water hence for the room for such growth. Water slides off leaving no space for fungi, and this makes it aesthetic and hygienic. Different people have different tastes for a beautiful bathroom; however, regardless of your taste, there is a good chance that you will find a good PVC wall tile for your shower or bathroom suitable for you.


PVC is versatile and comes in all imaginable colors with different finishes and textures. The way it is easy to laminate PVC floors into several resources in terms of texture and appearance this is the same way shower panels can be replicated for bathroom walls like quartz, marble, stone, slate, and wood among others. PVC is a potent insulator and more so if the panels in the bathroom and shower are 8mm thick. Further the bathroom panels seamless quality mean that heat cannot be let out through the cracks and gaps. It means that heating costs are reduced since the bathrooms are warm. Visit this website at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/homefindercom/five-bathroom-remodeling-_b_6146528.html for more info about bathroom renovation.